Texas law allows Texas employers with a Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) tax account number to designate mailing addresses for unemployment claim notices and/or chargeback notices.

Using a designated address allows you to receive unemployment and chargeback notices at one specified location.

Unemployment claim notices allow you to:

  • Respond to an employee's request for unemployment benefits
  • Provide detailed facts so TWC can make an appropriate decision regarding payment of unemployment benefits

Chargeback notices allow you to:

  • Verify wage credits used to establish unemployment benefit claims
  • Provide separation information used to determine if benefits paid to the claimant will impact your unemployment tax rate

Selecting a Designated Address

You may choose any address, such as your human resources department, payroll department, service agent or third-party representative.

When selecting your designated address, choose a location where staff can access required information.

  • Your staff responding to a Notice of Application for Unemployment Benefits or Request for Work Separation Information must have access to information about job separations that occur within your organization so they can provide TWC with detailed facts.
  • Your staff responding to a Notice of Maximum Potential Chargeback should have access to wage and separation information necessary for TWC to determine if charges should be applied to your account.

When No Address is Designated

If you do not designate an address for:

  • Unemployment claim notices: We will mail the correspondence to the address provided by the employee as their last work address.
  • Chargeback notices: We will mail the correspondence to your address of record with the TWC Tax Department

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How to Establish, Change or Cancel a Designated Address

To designate a claims and/or chargeback address, complete and submit the Employer Designated Mailing Address FormDesignated Address Form BR-001 MS Word orDesignated Address Form BR-001 PDF.

Changing or Cancelling a Designated Address

A designated claims and/or chargeback address remains in effect until you provide a new designated claim and/or chargeback address, or you notify TWC that the designated address is no longer valid. Make sure you update your designated claims and/or chargeback address if you move or change your authorized third-party representative. Make changes to a designated address with the same form used to establish one.

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Third-Party Representation

If you designate a mailing address to a different company or a person not employed by your company, you must authorize that company or person to represent you with TWC by completing a Written Authorization form. If you do not have a Written Authorization form on file with TWC, attach one to the Employer Designated Mailing Address form.

If you currently use a service agent (third-party representative) to handle unemployment benefit claims notices, you may designate that agent's address, as long as you have a Written Authorization form for that service agent on file with TWC. Either you or your authorized service agent may request a designated claims or chargeback address.

Written Authorization to Represent Employing Unit

You may authorize a representative, such as a service agent or a certified public accountant, to represent you in your relations with TWC. If you authorize a representative to transact all business with TWC by completing a Written Authorization form, they will serve as your lawful representative until you revoke authorization by completing a Revocation of Written Authorization form.

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