Texas Government Code Sections 2054.126 (d)(4), 2261.253, and 403.0245 require each state agency to post contract and procurement information on its website.  This page contains information about current contracts valued between $0.00 and $50,000.00.  Contracts valued equal to or greater than $50,000 may be found on the Legislative Budget Board Contracts Database.  This list also includes contracts that have been competitively bid at the state level including Comptroller of Public Accounts awarded contracts, Department of Information Resources awarded contracts and Office of the Texas Governor.

All documents are in PDFPDF format.

If you require accessible documents, please send request to email PCSDDirector@twc.state.tx.us.  Please allow up to 3 days for us to respond.

Contract IDsort descending Supplier Name Subject Max Amount Procurement Number Files
00000000000000000011 WORKQUEST Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security) $34,426.56 00000000000000000011 C

00000000000000000011 C1A

00000000000000000011 C2

00000000000000000011 C3

00000000000000000011 C3A

00000000000000000011 C4

00000000000000000011 C5

00000000000000000011 R1of2

00000000000000000011 R2of2
00000000000000000109 D & N SERVICES INC Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security) $3,760.00 00000000000000000109 C

00000000000000000109 C1
0319ADM002 MCCOY-ROCKFORD INC Furniture $31,673.94 0319ADM002 C

0319ADM002 C1
0417ADM005 WORKQUEST Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security) $45,000.00 0417ADM005 C

0417ADM005 R1of4

0417ADM005 R2of4
0418ADM001 TOLDEN FINNEY Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security) $27,855.56 0418ADM001 C

0418ADM001 R1

0418ADM001 R1of2
0517ADM003 WCD ENTERPRISES LLC Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security) $22,774.00 0517ADM003 C

0517ADM003 C1

0517ADM003 P

0517ADM003 P3

0517ADM003 R1

0517ADM003 R1of1

0520ADM001 EMR ELEVATOR INC Building Maintenance/Repair $3,553.20 3202000061 0520ADM001 C

0520ADM001 P
0718ADM001 ENCORE COMMERCIAL SERVICES INC Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security) $21,402.22 0718ADM001 C

0718ADM001 C1

0718ADM001 P

0718ADM001 R1of1
1419ADM007 COBOS DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION INC Building Maintenance/Repair $23,470.00 3201900202 1419ADM007 C

1419ADM007 P
1419ADM009 COBOS DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION INC Building Maintenance/Repair $23,685.00 3201900207 1419ADM009 C

1419ADM009 P

1419ADM009 R
1717ADM003 WORKQUEST Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security) $36,628.12 1717ADM003 C

1717ADM003 R1of4

1717ADM003 R2of4
2918ADM007 PMCS SERVICES INC Other Administrative $0.00 3201800101
2919ADM003 TXU ENERGY Lease $33,412.12
2919CPM017 DOUBLETREE BY HILTON AUSTIN Conference, Media, Meeting and Planning $14,889.60
2919CPM022 1859 HISTORIC HOTELS LTD Conference, Media, Meeting and Planning $37,963.76 2919CPM022 C

2919CPM022 C1
2920CPM001 HOLIDAY PACIFIC PARTNERS Conference, Media, Meeting and Planning $4,000.00 2920CPM001 A1

2920CPM001 C
3018VRS055 SEGOVIA PRODUCE COMPANY INC Other Consumer Services $24,999.99 3201800001 3018VRS055 C

3018VRS055 P

3018VRS055 P1

3018VRS055 R1

3018VRS055 R1of1
3019VRS349 CUSTOMER RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL INC Other Administrative $4,550.00 3202000005 3019VRS349 C
3019VRS375 LIFE ESSENTIALS INC Vehicle Modification $40,500.00 3201900192 3019VRS375 P1

3019VRS375 P2
3113ADM003 RICHARD LOWE REFRIGERATION SERVICE INC CCRC Maintenance/Service $7,160.00 3201900102 3113ADM003 C

3113ADM003 P

3113ADM003 P1

3113ADM003 P2

3113ADM003 P3

3113ADM003 POC
3117ADM015 CINTAS CORPORATION #86 Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security) $6,968.00 3117ADM015 C

3117ADM015 R2of4

3117ADM015 R3of4

3117ADM015 R4of4
3117ADM018 TRANE US INC Equipment Maintenance $25,020.80 3117ADM018 C

3117ADM018 C1

3117ADM018 C2
3117ADM019 TRANE US INC Equipment Maintenance $11,830.00 3117ADM019 C

3117ADM019 C1

3117ADM019 C2
3118ADM014 POWER VAC AMERICA INC Building Maintenance/Repair $28,504.12 3201800136 3118ADM014 C

3118ADM014 CD

3118ADM014 P

3118ADM014 P1

3118ADM014 P2
3118ADM023 SHI GOVERNMENT SOLUTIONS INC Software/Maintenance $16,577.00 3118ADM023 C
3118ADM024 GTS TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS INC Software/Maintenance $25,966.88 3118ADM024 C

3118ADM024 DIR C

3118ADM024 R1
3119ADM001 ROCKET SOFTWARE INC Software/Maintenance $44,919.84 3119ADM001 C
3119ADM009 EMR ELEVATOR INC CCRC Maintenance/Service $15,876.00 3201900015 3119ADM009 C

3119ADM009 C1

3119ADM009 P
3119ADM019 TRI RECYCLING INC CCRC Maintenance/Service $9,680.00 3201900087 3119ADM019 C

3119ADM019 P

3119ADM019 P1

3119ADM019 P2

3119ADM019 P3

3119ADM019 P4

3119ADM019 P5

3119ADM019 PE

3119ADM019 PO1
3119ADM027 JACK W JENSEN CCRC Maintenance/Service $6,500.00 3201900044 3119ADM027 C

3119ADM027 P

3119ADM027 P1

3119ADM027 P2

3119ADM027 R1of1
3119ADM046 MARATHON RESOURCE MANAGEMENT GROUP LLC Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security) $17,723.00 3201900074 3119ADM046 C

3119ADM046 P

3119ADM046 P1

3119ADM046 P2

3119ADM046 P3

3119ADM046 P4

3119ADM046 R1of3
3119ADM048 TEXAS ROOFING CO LP Building Maintenance/Repair $18,935.00 3201900116 3119ADM048 C

3119ADM048 P
3119ADM060 JACK W JENSEN CCRC Maintenance/Service $8,850.00 3201900043 3119ADM060 C

3119ADM060 C1

3119ADM060 P
3119ADM062 ORACLE ELEVATOR COMPANY Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security) $25,524.00 3201900006 3119ADM062 C

3119ADM062 P
3119ADM065 TEXAS DISPOSAL SYSTEMS INC Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security) $9,985.96 3201900067 3119ADM065 C
3119ADM066 CINTAS CORPORATION #86 Non-Consumable Office Supplies $22,443.98 3201900080 3119ADM066 C

3119ADM066 P

3119ADM066 P1

3119ADM066 P2
3119ADM068 BUG GUYS PEST CONTROL Building Maintenance/Repair $5,780.00 3201900047 3119ADM068 C

3119ADM068 P

3119ADM068 P1

3119ADM068 R1of3
3119ADM070 NALCO COMPANY Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security) $40,329.54 3119ADM070 A

3119ADM070 C

3119ADM070 C1

3119ADM070 Q
3119ADM074 MCCOY-ROCKFORD INC Furniture $41,188.85 3119ADM074 C
3119ADM075 TRANE US INC Equipment Maintenance $24,508.00 3119ADM075 C

3119ADM075 C1
3119ADM076 COBOS DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION INC Building Maintenance/Repair $23,170.00 3201900189 3119ADM076 C

3119ADM076 P
3119ADM077 ARBER INC Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security) $26,775.00 3201900171 3119ADM077 A1

3119ADM077 C

3119ADM077 P
3119ADM079 WORKQUEST Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security) $24,963.36 3119ADM079 C

3119ADM079 C1
3119ADM080 MCCOY-ROCKFORD INC Furniture $19,916.30 3119ADM080 C

3119ADM080 C1

3119ADM080 C2

3119ADM080 C4

3119ADM080 C5
3119ADM085 MCCOY-ROCKFORD INC Furniture $16,784.00 3201900211 3119ADM085 C

3119ADM085 C1
3119ADM087 JOHNSON CONTROLS FIRE PROTECTION LP Building Maintenance/Repair $14,900.00 3202000028
3119CPM002 AAV-ATHANS AUDIO VISUAL LLC Conference, Media, Meeting and Planning $17,000.00 3201900129 3119CPM002 C

3119CPM002 P
3119CPM006 HILTON GARDEN INN AND CONVENTION CENTER Conference, Media, Meeting and Planning $24,783.27 3201900196
3119ITC002 FREEIT DATA SOLUTIONS INC Information Technology (Administrative) $20,381.51 3201900133 3119ITC002 C
3119ITC006 SHI GOVERNMENT SOLUTIONS INC Software/Maintenance $16,646.00 3201900134 3119ITC006 C

3119ITC006 P1

3119ITC006 P2

3119ITC006 P3

3119ITC006 P4

3119ITC006 P5