F-101: About Performance Measures

Performance measures are indicators of progress in administering effective services to employers and job seekers.  The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) is responsible for developing the system of performance accountability for Local Workforce Development Boards (Boards).

The Wagner-Peyser Act requires delivery and oversight of five Employment Service (ES) activities:

  • Assisting job seekers in finding employment
  • Assisting employers in filling jobs
  • Facilitating the match between job seekers and employers
  • Participating in a system for clearing labor between the states
  • Administering the work test requirements of the state unemployment insurance (UI) compensation system 

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) measures each state’s success in delivering employment services, based on the five activities listed above, by instituting performance measures relating to:

  • ES
  • Services to veterans
  • Services to migrant and seasonal farmworkers (MSFWs)

TWC measures each Board’s success in delivering services based on Reemployment and Employment Engagement Measures (REEMs) and integrated common measures that are included in the Board’s contract with TWC

Boards’ ES performance is reported monthly through TWC’s monthly performance report.

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F-102: Services to Eligible Veterans

Federal law requires that Workforce Solutions office staff provide the maximum level of services to veterans.

Veterans are included in the calculation of Boards’ ES performance measures.

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F-103: Migrant Indicators of Compliance

The Migrant Indicators of Compliance report (TWIST Web Report #219) helps Boards and Workforce Solutions offices determine if they are meeting federal standards for services to MSFWs.  This is accomplished by tracking services provided to MSFWs compared to services provided to non-MSFWs, to ensure that MSFWs are receiving services that are qualitatively equivalent and quantitatively proportionate to services provided to non-MSFWs.

This report is one of many management tools that help ensure that Workforce Solutions offices comply with DOL regulations.

Boards must ensure that Workforce Solutions office staff:

  • Identify job seekers who are MSFWs
  • Indicate in WorkInTexas.com that a job seeker is a MSFW
  • Provide and record services to MSFWs

The statewide target consists of the total number of job seekers identified as MSFWs.  The number varies from year to year. 

For additional information on the Migrant Indicators of Compliance report, see TA Bulletin 248PDF, issued June 8, 2012, entitled Migrant Indicators of Compliance Report, and subsequent updates.

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