E-301: General Information

Workforce Development Boards (Boards) must be aware of the following.

Texas Workforce Commission and Boards must comply with Texas Government Code §552.001 relating to the Public Information Act and disclosure of information. 

Individuals or entities requesting information include, but are not limited to:

  • Employers
  • Job seekers
  • The media in any form (TV, radio, newspapers, etc.)
  • Other government agencies
  • Private sector entities such as banks and schools

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E-302: Wage Record Requests

Workforce Development Boards  (Boards) must ensure that when an individual comes into the Workforce Solutions office requesting wage record information, Workforce Solutions office staff take the following actions:

  • Verify the identity of the individual by:
    • Reviewing a state-issued photo identification card such as a driver’s license
    • Asking the individual to provide his or her Social Security number (SSN) via keypad/number pad, in writing or verbally (individuals who choose to provide their SSN verbally should do so in a secure location)

Sign on to the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) mainframe and access the Wage Record Information Report (WRIR) screen to:

  • Verify that the SSN provided matches the SSN recorded
  • Check for any anomalies—for example, wages listed for a name that is not the individual’s name (anomalies do not include wages listed under an individual’s maiden name)

Instructions to access the WRIRPDF

Note: If anomalies exist in the wage record, Workforce Solutions office staff should explain that when wages are listed for a name other than the individual, it is most likely due to a reporting error by the employer. When reporting employee wages, an employer can inadvertently transpose two digits in a SSN, or make some other error that results in another employee’s wages being reported under the requesting individual’s SSN.

  • If there are no anomalies on the wage record, print the screen and provide the wage record to the requesting individual. Do not provide wage records that include wages belonging to another individual. Wage information reported under another name is considered Personally Identifiable Information and cannot be released, even if the wages are incorrectly reported under the wrong SSN.
  • If there are wage record anomalies that need correcting before the records can be released:
    • verify the individual’s identity by:
      • Reviewing the individual’s state- or government-issued identification card
      • Reviewing the individual’s Social Security card or other correspondence from the Social Security Administration reflecting the individual’s name and full SSN (a verbal identification of the SSN is not acceptable)
  • Send an ENCRYPTED email to TaxWageRecordCorrection@twc.state.tx.us with:
    • The individual’s SSN 
    • A statement detailing which wages the individual is requesting to have corrected or removed from association with the SSN 
    • A statement from Workforce Solutions office staff indicating that staff confirmed the individual’s name on the Social Security card and state- or government-issued identification card, and that the photo on the identification card matches the individual requesting the wage correction—DO NOT send copies of the documents
  • Instruct the individual to return after seven days for an updated record. At that time, Workforce Solutions office staff will follow the same protocol as presented above to generate a wage record for the requester.
  • If the individual’s need for the wage record is urgent (for example, to prevent eviction or qualify for public assistance medical treatment), indicate the urgency in the tax wage record correction email and request to be notified when the correction has been made. Workforce Solutions office staff can then call to notify the individual that the wage record is ready.  

Boards must be aware that TWC Tax Department staff will remove the identified wages by changing the SSN for the incorrect wages to a “pseudo SSN” based on the account number.

  • Additional information:Wage record information can only be corrected during the three years that begin on the posting date in the TWC mainframe system.
  •  “Zero wage” entries will not be removed from the wage record. A zero listing means that wages have previously been removed from the requested SSN file. The most common reason for a zero listing is employer clerical error.  Zero wage entries will not be removed from the wage record because they provide a historical record of changes to wage data for the TWC Tax Department.

Boards must ensure that Workforce Solutions office staff with responsibility for handling wage records requests are provided with access to the WRIR screen in the TWC mainframe system through the Resource Access Control Facility (RACF).

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E-303: Open Records Requests

Workforce Development Boards (Boards) must be aware that requests for public information must be:

  • Immediately directed to the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) Open Records Coordinator
  • Submitted by the requester in writing 

An open records request form and instructions are available online.

A written request is one submitted in almost any form that can be read, including an email, letter, memo or handwritten note.  Requests must include:

  • Specifics regarding what information is needed
  • The name and contact information of the requester
  • In the case of unemployment insurance (UI) claimants and other individuals seeking access to their confidential information, the individual’s Social Security number, a copy of the individual’s state- or government-issued photo ID (for identification verification purposes) and the individual’s signature

Boards must be aware that charges may apply to a request for records. 

With the exception of information that is confidential by law or is defined in state statute as not being “public information” for purposes of the Public Information Act—including UI claimant information, employer tax information, identifying information of job seekers and employers in the job matching systems, and student records—nearly all recorded information maintained by TWC is subject to disclosure under the Public Information Act.  TWC is required to respond to any written request as promptly as possible—but no later than 10 business days after the date the information is requested—with the following:

  • Request for an Attorney General Ruling, if an exception to disclosure is being asserted
  • Cost estimate if the request is over $40
  • Release of the information:
    • Without redactions or
    • With redactions with an explanation of authority for redacting the information
  • A certification of the date the information will be released

one-hour training on the Public Information Act is available online.

Boards must:

  • Respond to requests for records collected from customers through the Boards (for example, child care and employment and training records)
  • Direct all requests for information collected and maintained by TWC (for example, unemployment benefits and employer tax reports) to:

    TWC Open Records
    101 E 15th St, Rm 266
    Austin, TX 78778-0001
    Call:  512-463-2422
    Fax:  512-463-2990
    Email:  open.records@twc.state.tx.us

For additional information, see A-111: Open Records.

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E-304: Unemployment Insurance Benefit Information

Workforce Development Boards must be aware of the following:

  • Unemployment insurance (UI) claimants can access information on their most recent UI claim, such as benefit amounts, remaining balance, and payment information, by logging into the UI Benefits System
  • Other types of information are available through self-service portals.

Boards must ensure that if, after searching online for specific UI information, individuals find that the information is not available, Workforce Solutions office staff instruct the individual to call the UI Tele-Center at 800-939-6631 and make a verbal request for the required information and documents. If the information the claimant requested is not available online or from the Tele-Center,  the  Tele-Center customer service representative will submit a request for a special written letter containing the necessary information.

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