Note: The guide contains minor, nonsubstantive editorial changes that are not included on the List of Revisions.

January 2016

Section Comments
A-104 Deletes "Be delinquent in child support payments."
A-105 Updates program date for results, number of NCPs served, and amount collected.
A-200 Changes the terms "Obtained Employment" to "Entered Employment" and "Retained Employment" to "Employment Retention," now based on Common Measures methodology.
A-600 Updates month and year.
B-500 Changes the terms "Obtained Employment" to "Entered Employment," and "Retained Employment" to "Employment Retention."
B-500 Removes TWIST Report #220. Adds TWIST Report #142 CM Adult Entered Employment, TWIST Report #144 CM Employment Retention, and TWIST Report #158 CM Employment Retention Forecast.
B-500 Changes reasons for exclusions in regards to performance calculations.
B-500 Adds when Entered Employment and Employment Retention are measured.
C-103 Updates information about WOTC.


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January 2015

All sections of the guide have been renumbered.

Section Comments
A-101 Renames title from Legislative Authority to Applicable Contract Authorities and clarifies the applicable federal authority citations.
A-102 Adds in-person to specify the type of weekly contact with NCPs.
A-103 Adds information regarding OAG funding.
A-104 Adds that eligible NCPs include nonpublic assistance cases as well as public assistance cases. 
A-105 Updates results to date through August 2014.
A-106 Adds new section to introduce the NCP Choices PEER Demonstration Grant. 
A-200 Adds definitions of NCP Choices Acronyms and Terms.
A-301 Updates frequency of site visits to regular rather than quarterly.  Adds that purpose is to identify necessary program enhancements and best practices.
A-302 Adds OAG responsibility to expedite removal of noncompliant NCPs from the program.
A-303 Adds an introductory paragraph to Board responsibilities. 
A-304 Adds a responsibility of Workforce Solutions Office staff to attend subsequent compliance hearings and provide testimony as needed.  Clarifies that timely data entry occurs within three business days. 
A-306 Clarifies that NCPs must participate for an average of 30 hours per week and that in-person meetings occur weekly until employed.
A-600 Removes map of existing NCP Choices sites and Child Support Offices, and updates with table that provides NCP Choices Service Delivery Areas.
B-101 Clarifies:
  • NCPs actively participate for an average of 30 hours per week.
  • Until employed, weekly in-person contact with NCPs is required.
  • Once employed, contact is monthly and in-person is not required.
Removes recommendation that staff caseload be limited to 30 to 35 NCPs. Adds requirement for Boards to ensure staff carries a manageable caseload.
B-102 Adds written NCP Choices process that accompanies flowchart.
B-103 Modifies language relating to monthly goals for the number of NCPs ordered into the program.  Clarifies that receipt of a signed copy of the order by Workforce Solutions Office staff is not necessary to begin NCP Choices services. 
B-107 Clarifies that NCPs participate an average of 30 hours per week.  Removes the requirement for community service after an initial four weeks of job search. 
B-107.e Removes subsidized employment with a public sector employer.
B-107.f Adds a definition of full-time employment.
B-107.g Adds Unsubsidized Self-Employment as an allowable work activity. Provides criteria for verification of established and prospective self-employment enterprises and ongoing verification.
B-107.h Adds the requirement that vocational educational training is directly related to a demand occupation.
B-107.i Removes the stipulation that distance learning must be performed in a supervised setting. 
B-107.j Adds statement that community service is no longer required after the initial four weeks of activity.
B-108 Adds new section on the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) and fidelity bonding services.
B-205 Adds requirement for Boards to develop guidelines and strategies for the use of nonrecurrent short-term benefits.
B-302 Incorporates the NCP Choices TWIST Quick Reference Guide.
B-304 Adds Section on TWIST Counselor Notes.  Aligns with guidance issued in WD Letter 06-13.
B-306 Creates separate section on documentation to be maintained in case files. 
B-403 Adds new section on administrative removals.
B-404 Adds new section on planned gap in service in accordance with WD Letter 18-14.
Part C Adds Frequently Asked Questions section.


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