B-501: Performance Measures

Performance measures are important indicators of progress toward meeting the goals of the Noncustodial Parent (NCP) Choices program. The following performance measures are contracted to the Local Workforce Development Boards (Boards):

  • Meet or Exceed 65% Entered Employment
  • Meet or Exceed 50% Employment Retention

The NCP Choices program calculates performance using the following Common Measures reports: 

  • TWIST Report #142 CM Adult Entered Employment
  • TWIST Report #144 CM Employment Retention
  • TWIST Report #158 CM Employment Retention Forecast

Exiters are defined as individuals who received a service while participating in the program and exited for the one of the following reasons:

  • Case Dismissed
  • Court Imposed Penalty
  • Closed Successful

Exiters who obtained employment count toward the Entered Employment performance measure by the end of the 1st calendar quarter after exit.

NCPs who were employed are counted toward the Employment Retention performance measure in the 1st calendar quarter after exit and are employed in the 2nd and 3rd calendar quarters after exit.

NCPs who exit for the following reasons are excluded from performance calculations:

  • Noncompliance
  • Invalid SSN; or NCPs who at exit or during the quarter of exit are deceased, or for at least 90 days, are:
  • Institutionalized
  • Called to active military duty
  • Receiving treatment
  • Providing care to a family member

Any time an NCP is provided with a qualifying service, he or she becomes a participant for Common Measures performance. Since most services provided by the program fall into this category, Boards must ensure that Workforce Solutions Office staff enter all service information completely, accurately and timely, in accordance with Common Measures requirements.

However, because NCP Choices participants are only included in Boards’ overall performance, the impact on Boards’ respective performance measures is insignificant (less than 1/100th percent).

Additional Common Measures information:

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