NCP Choices Program Guide - A-400: Appeals of NCP Choices Activities & Support Services Decisions

Local Workforce Development Boards (Boards) must ensure that Workforce Solutions Office staff providing Noncustodial Parent (NCP) Choices services inform NCPs of their right to appeal a decision related to NCP Choices activities and support services. Boards must establish policies to inform individuals of their right to file an appeal if a determination adversely affects the type and level of services provided by the Board or its designee. This can be accomplished by:

  • Verbally informing NCPs of their appeal rights during employment planning meetings
  • Distributing materials, including leaflets and brochures, during employment planning meetings at the Workforce Solutions Office, that inform NCPs of their right to appeal
  • Posting signs in the Workforce Solutions Office regarding the right to appeal

Boards must ensure that NCPs are provided with the Workforce Solutions Office address, name of a contact person and a specific time period for filing an appeal. NCPs can appeal a decision under the hearings process set forth in TWC’s Integrated Complaints, Hearings and Appeals rules at 40 TAC, Chapter 823.

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