In this manual, references to DARS now refer to TWC. The manual includes both links to public content and links to content available only to staff.

2014 Revision Log

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February 2014

Chapter 5: Services

5.1.4 Product Inventory/Approved Products, revised to state that assistive technology evaluators must receive approval from ATU before completing a consumer evaluation of a product that is not on the DBS list of approved products (previously, approval required from the DBS In-House Services manager or designee).

5.2.3 [Assistive Technology Training] Service Delivery/Post-Training Assessment, revised to clarify that the post-training assessment is to be completed by the EAS, VRC, and AT trainer.

5.11.3 [O&M] Service Delivery, revised to include the use of a new form, DARS2897, O&M Referral. This form must be completed by DBS staff when referring a consumer for orientation and mobility contracted services. O&M service providers should not accept new referrals without this form.

February 2014 Mark-up

July 2014

Chapter 5: Services

The following sections were revised to introduce the availability of online assistive technology trainer proficiency testing (for Phase I tests) and to clarify in-service training requirements.

July 2014 Mark-up

December 2014

Chapter 3: Rates

The following section was revised to clarify requirements and documentation needed for provider travel reimbursement.

December 2014 Ch. 3 Markup

Chapter 5: Services

This section was revised to align with DRS standards and policy changes.