In this manual, references to DARS now refer to TWC. The manual includes both links to public content and links to content available only to staff.

2013 Revision Log

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February 2013

Chapter 5: Services

5.3.3 Service Delivery, revised to update TWorks to ReHabWorks.

February 2013 Mark-up

July 2013

Chapter 3: Rates

3.2 Service Rates, revised to update payment rates for the following employment-related services:

July 2013 Mark-up

August 2013

Chapter 3: Rates

3.3.1 Travel Reimbursement, revised to add a requirement to include the purchase order number on the travel form to help with document review. The DARS2879, Service Provider's Travel Log, has also been changed to incorporate this policy change.

August 2013 Mark-up

October 2013

Chapter 5: Services

Replaced all references to DARS1514 and DARS1517-1 with ReHabWorks series form numbers: DARS5060, Permission to Collect Information and DARS5061, Notice and Consent for Disclosure of Personal Information.

November 2013

Chapter 5: Services

5.3.3 Service Delivery/Initial Contact and Application Assessment, added links to DARS5051, Application for DBS Services and DARS5053, Application Statement for IL.

Provider Forms list

Updated DARS2954, Comprehensive Assessment for IL Services, and DARS5060, Permission to Collect Information.