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In this manual, references to DARS now refer to TWC. The manual includes both links to public content and links to content available only to staff.

2011 Revision Log

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January 2011

Chapter 3: Rates

3.3.1 Travel Reimbursement, revised to update provider travel reimbursement requirements.

Jan 2011 ch 3 Mark-up

Chapter 5: Services

5.2 Assistive Technology Training, revised to clarify the process for obtaining a baseline assessment of a consumer's assistive technology skills.

Jan 2011 ch 5 Mark-up

February 2011

Chapter 1: Procurement Standards

1.5.5 Enrollment Process for New Providers, revised to further explain the DBS enrollment process for new providers.

Feb 2011 ch 1 Mark-up

March 2011

Chapter 1: Procurement Standards

1.6.4 Additional Requirements/Documenting Staff Changes, to update the notification process for provider staff changes.

Mar 2011 ch 1 Mark-up

Chapter 4: Service Delivery Guidelines

4.2 Staff Information Sheets, to update the notification process for provider staff changes.

Mar 2011 ch 4 Mark-up

Chapter 5:

5.11.2 Qualifications and Requirements of O&M Providers, to remove a duplicated sentence and to correct the RPSS title.

5.11.3 Service Delivery/Expectations of Training, to note that any exceptions to the use of nonvisual (blindfold) techniques and a rigid (nonfolding) cane during O&M training services must be approved and documented by the case manager in the case notes.

Mar 2011 ch 5 Mark-up

April 2011

Chapter 3: Rates

3.2 Service Rates, to show the changes in the benchmarks.

Apr 2011 ch 3 Mark-up

Chapter 5: Services

5.12 Standards for Supported Employment Services, to reflect changes made to the benchmark payment system and to add clarification and examples for SE providers.

Apr 2011 ch 5 Mark-up

July 2011

Chapter 1: Basic Standards

Chapter title changed from "Procurement Standards" to "Basic Standards" to match chapter titles in DRS Standards for Providers manual.

Chapter 3: Rates

3.3.1 Travel Reimbursement, to clarify requirements for

Jul 2011 Ch 3 Mark-up

3.5.2 Submitting Service Reports, to remove references to deleted forms: DARS2895, O&M Services Post-Training Report and DARS2921, O&M Services Monthly Progress Report; to add a reference to a new form, DARS2896, Consumer Services Report: O&M Training; and to revise a form title, DARS2894, Consumer Services Report: O&M Assessment.

Chapter 5: Services

July 2011 ch 5 Mark-up

November 2011

Chapter 5: Services

5.11.3 Service Delivery, revised to clarify Orientation & Mobility services for IL consumers, and how providers can request additional training hours.

Nov 2011 ch 5 Mark-up