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In this manual, references to DARS now refer to TWC. The manual includes both links to public content and links to content available only to staff.

2005 Revision Log

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The purpose of this summary is to outline changes to the Standards Manual for Consumer Services Contract Providers. These changes are effective January 3, 2005.

Manual Chapter Description of Change
Global Changes The State of Texas seal on the Table of Contents page has been updated to reflect the new Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services logo.

This change also affects the Assistive Technology Trainer Guidelines and Procedures Manual. Please note, however, that the Assistive Technology Trainer Guidelines and Procedures Manual has no other changes.

Chapter 1.06 Requirements for All Providers has been revised as follows.

Communication Needs has been updated to clarify:

  • communication between the provider and the consumer includes both verbal and written communications, and
  • providers are expected to coordinate with DBS if interpreter services are needed.
Chapter 3.02 Service Rates has been updated as follows.

1. Work Adjustment Training:
The authorized rate for work adjustment training ($600.00 per month) will be prorated at $27.00 per day if services involve less than one full month.

2. O&M Training - Individualized Services Only:
The authorized rate for O&M services for individualized (one-on-one) services remains at $50.00 per hour per consumer.

3. O&M Training - Group Services Only:
Group training rates for O&M services are established at $50.00 per hour for the first consumer, $25.00 per hour for the second consumer, and $25.00 per hour for the third consumer. Group services may not exceed three consumers per group.

Chapter 3.03 Mileage for authorized travel by private vehicle has been increased from $.35 per mile to $.50 per mile.
Chapter 3.05 Item #10: The title of the DARS2894 O&M Services Assessment and Recommendations form has been changed to O&M Services Assessment form, and the form has been reformatted to ensure accessibility.
Chapter 5.03 In Chapter 5.03 (Independent Living Services - Individualized Skills Training Only), the title of the DARS2890 Independent Living Services Initial Assessment form has been changed to Independent Living Services Comprehensive Assessment form, and the form has been reformatted to ensure accessibility.
Chapter 5.09 In Chapter 5.09 (Diabetes Self-Management Education Services), the list of items included on the DARS2881 Recommendations for Adaptive Diabetes Equipment and Supplies form has been updated, and the form has been reformatted to ensure accessibility.
Chapter 5.11 Chapter 5.11 Orientation and Mobility Training has been extensively revised including but not limited to:
  • Education, Training and Experience
  • Additional Qualification Requirements
  • Scope of Services
  • Service Methodology
  • Group Training
  • Travel Aids
  • Providing Services
  • Referral Information
  • Initial Assessment
  • Post-Assessment Discussion
  • Documenting the Initial Assessment (including the required DARS2894 form)
  • Training Authorization
  • Monthly Progress Reports (including the required DARS2921 form)
  • Post-Training Reports (including the required DARS2895 form)
  • If Services Are Interrupted (including the required DARS2895 form)
Sample Contract Under XVII. Termination of Contract, the sample contract has been amended to incorporate the addition of a new Paragraph F and the subsequent paragraph has been renumbered Paragraph G.

The new paragraph reads:
F. This contract may be terminated by DARS-DBS upon thirty (30) days written notice, without cause.