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In this manual, references to DARS now refer to TWC. The manual includes both links to public content and links to content available only to staff.

2004 Revision Log

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The purpose of this summary is to outline changes to the Standards Manual for Consumer Services Contract Providers. These changes are effective July 19, 2004.

Manual Chapter Description of Change
Global Changes References to the Texas Commission for the Blind (TCB) have been updated and replaced with Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services-Division for Blind Services (DBS).

References to the Purchasing Department have been updated and replaced with Consumer Procurement Services (CPS).

References to the contract specialist have been updated and replaced with Consumer Procurement supervisor.

References to the regional business managers have been updated and replaced with regional program support managers.

Telephone numbers and e-mail addresses for DBS staff have been updated.

Chapter 1.05 DBS enrollment procedures for new providers have been updated to include the following.

Step 4: Note #2 has been added to clarify how enrollment requests are handled when a prospective provider requests consideration for statewide services.

Step 6: Text has been revised to clarify that detailed provider information is available on the DBS website.

Step 9: Internal review references have been added for

  • Orientation and Mobility services,
  • Diabetes Self-Management Education services, and
  • Supported Employment services.
Chapter 1.06 Requirements for All Providers has been updated as follows.
  1. Added Auditing Requirement and Receipt of Funds.
  2. Amended the former Financial Records statement to read:

    Financial Records and Related Documentation
    The provider must make any documents, papers, and records that are directly pertinent to the services being provided available to the DBS monitoring team and/or other authorized representatives.

Chapter 1.07 Under Confidentiality of Consumer Records, a new paragraph has been added requiring that all consumer records must be shredded prior to disposal.
Chapter 2.01 Observation of evaluation/training sessions has been added to the list of contract monitoring components.
Chapter 3.02 This chapter has been extensively revised including:
  • authorized rates for Keyboard Skills training have been added,
  • the authorized rate for Independent Living services has been increased,
  • authorized rates for Diabetes Self-Management Education services have been revised and the minimum number of consumers required to qualify for group training has been decreased from three individuals per group to two individuals per group, and
  • the authorized rate for Supported Employment services has been added.

Important Note: Module 2 in the Assistive Technology Trainer Guidelines and Procedures Manual has been updated to define keyboard skills as "the ability to touch-type using a Qwerty keyboard, including the function keys on a computer keyboard."

Chapter 3.03 This chapter has been extensively revised including:
  • clarifying language throughout the chapter;
  • the no show rate for vocational evaluations has been established at $110.00 per consumer per day;
  • travel time will no longer be paid; and
  • clarification of reimbursement rates and requirements for
    • mileage by private vehicle ($.35 per mile for actual mileage traveled),
    • meals ($30.00) and lodging ($80.00) if authorized in advance,
    • parking fees, and
    • rental car reimbursement.

Additionally, reimbursement for authorized travel expenses has been clarified for:

  • Texas-based providers who provide service outside of Texas and
  • out-of-state providers who provide services within Texas.
Chapter 3.05 Item #11: Service report requirements for Supported Employment services have been added.
Chapter 5.01 Clarification of Phase I and Phase II proficiency testing requirements has been added.
Chapter 5.01 Links have been added to the current list of approved products for:
  • Assistive Products and
  • CCTV Products.
Chapter 5.02 Education, Training, and Experience criteria have been updated to include new work experience requirements.
Chapter 5.02 Clarification of Phase I and Phase II proficiency testing requirements has been added.
Chapter 5.03 Clarifying language (Individualized Skills Training Only) has been added to the chapter heading for Independent Living Services.
Chapter 5.09 Chapter 5.09 (Diabetes Self-Management Education Services) has been extensively revised. The new standards focus on group training, and fewer forms are required.
Chapter 5.12 Chapter 5.12 is new. This chapter defines the standards for Supported Employment Services.
Required Forms (a) The following two forms have been added:
  • CB-12SE, Supported Employment Services Agreement
  • CB-226, Supported Employment Progress Report

(b) The following two forms have been revised:

  • CB-879, Service Provider's Travel Log
  • CB-880, Monthly Activity Log

(c) An example of the updated CB-879 travel log is available for review.

(d) The following forms are deleted:

  • CB-883, Blood Glucose Meter Evaluation/Training Report
  • CB-885, Count-A-Dose Evaluation/Training Report
  • CB-886, Diabetes Education Services Pre-Training Evaluation
  • CB-887, Diabetes Education Services Post-Training Evaluation
Sample Contract A sample contract has been added to the Standards Manual homepage to allow prospective providers to review typical contract terms.

NOTE: The sample contract is intended as an example only. All contract providers are responsible for reading and understanding all of the contract terms and conditions in their specific contract before signing.