Many large employers or payroll service providers find it convenient to file quarterly wage reports using magnetic media. Using magnetic media permits agents or payroll service providers to submit reports for more than one employer on a single diskette or compact disc (CD).

Acceptable types of magnetic media are:

  • Diskette - MS-DOS compatible, ASCII text format - 3-1/2" double-sided/double-density or double-sided/high-density diskette
  • CD - PC compatible, ASCII text format

Acceptable format:

  • ICESA Format published by the Interstate Conference of Employment Security Agencies (275 byte records) with fields defined for use by TWC is accepted on CD or diskette.

Employers who submit their quarterly reports through magnetic media will not have their diskettes or CD returned, and they will not receive a preprinted Employer’s Quarterly Report (Form C-3).

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  • Each piece of media must have an external label identifying the contents of the data and accompanied by TWC’s Magnetic Media Transmittal (Form T1W)
  • All record formats must be fixed length, with a carriage return (CR) and line feed (LF) character at the end of each line of data.
  • All reports must meet the criteria detailed in the Magnetic Media Reporting Specifications ManualMagnetic Media Reporting Specifications Manual MS Word orMagnetic Media Reporting Specifications Manual PDF, which contains the magnetic media transmittal form and instructions for reporting data on magnetic media to TWC.

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Where to Mail Your Forms

Send all quarterly magnetic media with the magnetic media transmittal forms to:

TWC Revenue and Trust Management
P.O. Box 149037
Austin, TX 78714-9037

If a street address is required for a commercial carrier or courier, deliver to:

TWC Revenue and Trust Management
101 E 15th St, Rm 0154
Austin, TX 78778-0001

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