Local Workforce Development Boards (Boards) must ensure that a variety of services and multiple levels of services are offered to employers and job seekers.  Employment Service (ES) is one segment of the services available in Workforce Solutions offices. The Wagner-Peyser Act states that “the basic purpose of ES is to improve the functioning of the nation’s labor markets by bringing together individuals who are seeking employment and employers who are seeking workers.”

ES provides universal access to:

  • Job search and placement assistance
  • Job referrals
  • Labor market information
  • An array of other services available in Workforce Solutions offices throughout the state

In 2003, the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) implemented the Texas Model for the delivery of ES services. Under the Texas Model, Boards and their Workforce Solutions offices have full responsibility for day-to-day guidance of state ES staff. TWC still maintains administrative responsibility, but Workforce Solutions office managers share responsibility for directing daily work assignments, assigning individual performance goals, coordinating hiring, initiating disciplinary action and evaluating staff performance.

All direction and guidance given to ES employees must be consistent with the provisions of state and federal laws, rules and regulations governing the administration and delivery of the ES program. TWC provides technical support and quality assurance to Boards and contracted service providers through local Integrated Service Area Managers.

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