Choices Guide – C-600: TWIST Guide – Daily Time Tracking for Choices

C-601: TWIST Guide – Daily Time Tracking for Choices

Processing Steps to Use Daily Time Tracking

To access Daily Time Tracking:

  1. Select the Customer Information icon.
  2. Select Service Tracking from the Menu Selections.
  3. Select the Daily Time Tracking tab.

Processing Steps for Daily Time Tracking Data Entry with Verification

To enter data into Daily Time Tracking:

  1. Select Daily Time Tracking for a specific customer.
  2. Choose Service Month and Year (defaults to current month).
  3. Select week with open services (open services automatically populate for service month selected).
  4. Click “+” to expand view to record participation.

Examples of participation type codes based on type of service: 

5. Enter participation hours per day. The Workforce Information System of Texas (TWIST) calculates daily and weekly totals. You may split hours of participation over several participation type codes.

6. Click button under Last Verification column to access the Verification window. (Button face displays either No Verification or valid from date of last verification.)

Note:            At the top of the verification window is a summary of verifications. Right click/add in the lower window if you have multiple verifications for the same service or new verification period entries to make.

7. Right click/add in the lower window to enter appropriate data into Verification Information and Verification Provider Information fields based on verification received.

Examples of verification type codes based on service(s) selected: 

8.    Click OK. TWIST populates latest verification valid from date on the button face under the last verification column.

9.    Save the Daily Time Tracking entries.

Recommendation:  Save after completing the verification for each service individually. Collapse the expanded view of services to verify other existing services.

Processing Steps for Data Entry of Excused Absence or Holiday

Follow above step 1 through step 5:

  1. When Excused Absence or Holiday is appropriate in a specific week, data enter specific hours. (There are limitations associated with excused absences within a month and year.)
  2. Click Comments button.
  3. Select appropriate item from dropdown menu and explain in the Comment box.
  4. Save information.

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