C-901: General Information

Workforce Development Boards (Boards) must monitor the funds secured for match and the expenditure of any resulting funds to ensure that expenditures of federal matching funds available through the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) do not exceed an amount that corresponds to the private donations, public transfers and public certifications that are completed by the end of the program year.

- Rule Reference: §809.17(d)

Boards must be aware that pursuant to Child Care and Development Fund regulations at 45 CFR §98.55(e)(2)(v), expenditures of donations from private sources are subject to the audit requirements in §98.65 of the regulations.

Boards must be aware that TWC’s Board and Special Initiative Contracts department reviews receipts of pledge remittances and certifications of expenditures throughout the fiscal year.  Appropriate follow-up is conducted when pledges are 30 days past due.

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C-902: Documentation

Workforce Development Boards must provide documentation to the Texas Workforce Commission’s Board and Special Initiative Contracts department for individual agreement actions including cancellations, increases, decreases, delinquencies or lapses in pledge remittances.

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C-903: Record Retention

Workforce Development Boards (Boards) must be aware that the Child Care Local Match Contribution Agreement PDF details that contributors must retain records adequate to show that the funds they contribute are eligible for match, for the longer of the following:

  • The period specified by the Board’s record retention policies for such records
  • Three years after the end date of the local match agreement
  • Until the completion and resolution of all issues that arise from any litigation, claim, negotiation, audit or other action that began during and was ongoing as of the end of the normal retention period 

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