B-100: Board Responsibilities

Workforce Development Boards (Boards) are responsible for administration of the state’s subsidized child care program and must administer the program in a manner consistent with Texas Government Code, Chapter 2308, as amended, and related provisions under Chapter 801 of the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) rules relating to Boards.

A Board must ensure that access to child care services is available through all Workforce Solutions offices within its local workforce development area (workforce area).

Child care services are support services for workforce employment, job training and other services under Texas Government Code, Chapter 2308, and Chapter 801 of the TWC rules.

Upon request, a Board (or the Board’s contractor) must provide the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) with access to child care administration records and submit related information for review and monitoring, pursuant to TWC rules and policies.

- Rule Reference: §809.11  

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