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This page contains information about programs and services that can benefit your business.

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4th Quarter 2019

Definition of Employment and Wages

The Texas Workforce Commission Tax Department uses specific definitions to determine Employment and taxable Wages.

Employment is any service performed for payment or compensation. This definition includes any hiring contract, whether written, oral or implied. The three essential elements to the definition of employment are service, wages, and direction and control.  For more information about types of employment, including the difference between an employee and an independent contractor, please visit our Definition & Type of Employment webpage. 

Wages are the compensation provided to someone in exchange for services or labor. Wages include hourly or salary income earned, back pay, tips, taxable reimbursements, severance pay and commissions. For detailed information on what are taxable wages that a liable employer must report, please visit our Reporting & Determining Taxable Wages webpage. 

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3rd Quarter 2019

Experience the new

With a Virtual Recruiter and candidate scoring and ranking, you can expect improved talent matching and more efficient screening. The site offers Texas-specific labor market data to support informed business decisions in planning your job positions and wages.
Use your existing login information to access the site. Review and verify or update your information. Set up the Virtual Recruiter and let the website start working for you. is supported by 180 Workforce Solutions offices around the state. If you need assistance with the new site, use the directory to find your local Workforce Solutions office.

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2nd Quarter 2019

Keep Your Tax Account Information Current

The Texas Workforce Commission encourages employers and their agents keep their personal profile and their Tax account information current through the Unemployment Tax Services (UTS) System. UTS is a fast and easy system that allows users to perform the following tasks:
  • Update security questions
  • Update business addresses - both mailing and payroll
  • Update business phone numbers
  • Update personal profiles - including email addresses and security questions and
  • Close accounts

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1st Quarter 2019

Small Business Resources

The Texas Workforce Commission’s website provides resources and services to help small business owners compete in the Texas and global economy.

Please visit our "For Small Businesses" webpage where you will find information on the following:

  • The Skills for Small Business program which supports Texas businesses with fewer than 100 employees. The program provides training through local community colleges, technical colleges, or the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX);
  • WorkInTexas, which is TWC’s premiere job search engine to post jobs, search resumes and find qualified job seekers;
  • Texas Business Conferences, which are held throughout Texas. Employers will learn about state and federal employment laws, handling unemployment claims, taxes and more; and
  • Additional links to other resources which are available to Texas businesses

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